Andrew McLean offers a wide knowledge of the local property market and this can be invaluable particularly with reference to surveying property in areas of the town which can be affected by local features ranging from trees, subsidence, underground streams, defective materials etc.

There are currently 2 forms of survey available from this office, namely the HomeBuyer Report or a Building Society valuation type of report.

HomeBuyer Report

The HomeBuyer Report is a more detailed report which has proved popular in the last few years as it offers advice which is in more detail than a simple Building Society type Valuation.

The HomeBuyer Report has been updated to provide condition ratings to elements of the building, the services and any garages and permanent buildings. The Surveyor will tell you whether defects are serious or urgent. It also includes the Surveyor's opinion of the market value and re-instatement cost. The Report also includes other valuable information. 

My office does not provide Building Surveys (these used to be called structural surveys) but I can advise on where to seek this service if required.    

Andrew Mclean Valuations

A summary is provided at the end of the report which covers repair work which will require action or which requires further investigation. The typical cost for this type of report ranges from £255 up to £500 approx and is dependant on the value of the property which is being purchased.

Building Society Report

The second type of report which is a more basic and abbreviated report and is similar to the type which is supplied by a building society for valuation purposes although a little more basic detail is included in the report in order to assist the client in reaching a conclusion on the suitability of the property for purchase.

The cost for this more basic form of valuation type report usually ranges from £135 up to around £300, again depending on the value of the property.

For any further information regarding surveys and a quote for costs then please contact our office by telephone on 0191 4276767 or email